Sunday, 9 December 2012

Final Piece

This is my final piece. I have chosen it because I like the way you can still see all the features on my models face but the trees are there in the background too. I am also pleased with the way the two pictures blend together well and you can't see where the pictures join.

I decided to make a Cyanotype and maybe a Photogram out of this because it is all black and white so the colours will come out better.

In conclusion I think this project went well because I did lots of different edits from my two photo shoots. I experimented with Photoshop to get those edits.

When I experimented with Photograms and Cyanotyping I was pleased that the Photogram went well. However I needed to leave the Cyanotype out in the sun for longer but it was a dull winters day and so it wasn't exposed for long enough and there wasn't enough time to complete it to the standard I would have been happy with.

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