Sunday, 2 December 2012

Dreaming- Using Layering and Multiple Exposure

I am looking at moden and old fashioned photographers, Florian Ingrund & Jerry Uelsmann, for my Dream photography project.

Florian Imgrund 
 I really like the way Florian Ingrund has put to photos together like you are looking thought the person to see the bleak landscape behind her to create a mood in the picture it is suggesting that the person is sad or depressed because of the setup of the landscape. In his photos Florian Imgrund uses layering to get the landscape behind the person in the image.  He change his photos to black and white so you can see the real contrasts of the face and the depth of the landscape in the background. He also uses very textured landscapes in his photos which I like and I will try to take some textured pictures to put in the back ground of my pictures so it gives a interesting effect. This is the inspiration I am using for my Photography Mock GCSE this December.

Jerry Uelsmann

Jerry Uelsmann took his photos a while back before he could use websites like photoshop to stich them together so he did it the old fashioned way with multiple negatives in a traditional darkroom. Uelsmann has been doing this for many years. Long before Photoshop, or even digital photography was even tought of.
I am not to keen on his images they are a bit more harsh and almost look symbloic but they are still all very interesting i like the way in the first photo that it looks like the had is holding to pool of water thats one is a really good effect.

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